Simple Safety Tips For Those Driving A Rental Car

Simple Safety Tips For Those Driving A Rental Car

A vacation is intended to be a fun and pleasurable time for all to enjoy. However when driving a rental car there are a few simple safety tips that can go a long way in making the entire experience safer and less prone to accidents. One safety tip that is very obvious and that often goes overlooked is to simply share your travel itinerary with family and friends when possible. This lets everyone nowhere you are and where you should be.

Gas Gauge Falls Below A Quarter Of A Tank

In addition, when driving a rental car waiting until a gas gauge is close to empty is probably not the best time to plan to refuel a vehicle. Always try to refuel a rental car anytime the gas gauge falls below a quarter of a tank. Trying to save a few extra pennies per gallon to find the perfect gas station with the lowest prices can sometimes lead to running out of gas. Be smart with regard to fuel management and always fuel up when below a quarter of a tank even if the gas is a little more expensive than it should be.

Congested Traffic

Radio traffic alerts as well as signage that alerts to possible accidents or other hazards to drivers should be heeded and followed accordingly. Avoid accident areas and if your rental car has GPS use this feature to find an alternate route to stay clear of any accidents or congestion. Congested traffic can greatly increase the likelihood of an automobile accident. Stay safe by steering clear of any problems while on the road when driving a rental car.

Watch The Weather

Another great tip with regard to driving a rental car is to simply not use cruise control especially when driving on a slippery surface. Cruise control can reduce the ability of a driver to control a vehicle. Slowing down and driving more cautiously especially on slippery surfaces and when it is raining can greatly reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring. Finally, it is always a good idea to watch the weather and plan your driving accordingly while on vacation and while driving a rental car. Avoid severe weather and stay indoors as a way to protect yourself, your family and your rental vehicle. Contact Signature Vacation Rentals today for the best in Phoenix rental properties for travelers.