24 Flavors of Artisan Ice Cream Goodness

I just found out about this cool Ice Cream Shop in north Scottsdale called Sweet Republic and I’m excited to go to the store and check out their menu. It looks like they have some really different and seemingly strange flavors on menu, like the Cheese Course Duo which is a pairing of Roquefort blue cheese and Arizona Medjool dates.

Sweet Republic also has somewhat more conventional, although not that common of flavors that you would normally see, like the Salted Butter Carmel flavor and the Real Mint Chip. The web page say’s they have 24 flavors available daily and seasonal flavors like Eggnog, Pumpkin Spice and Sweet Corn.

It looks like this shop has been mentioned by the press including bon appetit, and they have won the much coveted New Times Best of Phoenix.

I would recommend all of Arizona Lodging Experts guest to visit this shop when they come to Scottsdale.  We do Scottsdale Property Management and actually have two vacation homes that are less then a mile from this shop. We have Arroyo Madera #154 and Arroyo Madera #142.