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Ten questions to ask when choosing a property manager

How To Choose The Right Property Manager

  • Why your decision is critical in protecting your investment
  • What 70% of vacationers want when they book a reservation
  • How you can make more money, minimize costs, and save time

Making money from your vacation home isn’t as simple as just putting a listing up on a website and hoping for the best. You have to know what you’re doing. How well, or poorly, a property is managed directly impacts how profitable it will be. To make the most of your investment it’s a wise choice to hire an expert.

But how do you know when you’ve got the right one?

What questions should I ask?

There are a lot of decisions that go with choosing a property manager, whether it’s your first vacation rental or you’re leaving one management company and hiring a new one. Typically you don’t live near your vacation property, so it’s critical that you choose a manager you can trust. You want to know that your investment and your guests are in good hands.

Many companies and individuals tout themselves as property managers. To ensure that you contract with a qualified company that can meet your expectations and goals, save you time and make you more money, consider asking the 10 crucial questions in the FREE guide, which will be delivered to you when you fill out the form on the left.

In the FREE guide, you’ll learn the difference between a poor property manager and one that cares about you and your investment for as long as you own it.

You’ll learn the secret to knowing that you’ve chosen the right steward for your property who protects you and your vacationers from disreputable activity.

What questions should I ask?

When you join our family, you’ll receive unmatched service because our experience delivers you multi-channel wide-reach marketing to maximize your occupancy with over 7 million monthly visits to our website each month, exclusive technology to stay connected with your property, and no surprises in your statements.

No other vacation rental property company does what we do or how we do it.

Signature Vacation Rentals has over 20 years of combined experience in the vacation rental and property management industry. We currently represent properties in the high demand areas of Arizona and California.


1 million

website visits.

Every year Signature website receives more than 1 million visits. Now's the time to let Signature work for you.

Managing & Marketing Your Arizona Vacation Rental

More property owners trust Signature Vacation Rentals® to market and maintain their homes in the Arizona than any other vacation rental company, we are leader in vacation rental management systems and bookings. Our Multi-channel marketing campaign produces 7 times more traffic than our next three competitors combined. What does that mean for you. More rentals, more income, and a better ROI on your investment.

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Our fanatical pursuit of transparency makes us unique in the Phoenix-Scottsdale market. What could help a company serve their customers better than great people and cutting-edge technology? What if the technology you need to serve people with excellence doesn’t exist? You create it! Our executive leadership has created industry-changing technology to allow our team to serve our property owners and guests with excellence.

We were the first company to utilize GPS tracking on all our vehicles to allow immediate notification to our property owners when one of our maintenance or housekeeping staff is onsite. We were first to create an extensive, automated survey system for owners and guests to track our performance then utilized the data to improve our service. We are the first to develop smartphone and tablet “apps” to put our communications and processes in the hands of our owners 24/7 for ultra-convenience. Our maintenance and housekeepers utilize smartphone and tablet apps to communicate instantaneously with our property owners, our staff and our accounting team for a unified, verifiable ‘no surprise’ tracking.

Our commitment to help our homeowners achieve the maximum revenue potential for their vacation rental property, combined with our dedication to delivering a first-rate guest experience, truly sets us apart.

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We Promote Your Home On 200 websites.

We create custom­ listings, take professional photos and promote your home on the major sites to over 50 million monthly travelers.

Dedicated Call Center

Our full­-time professional sales team promptly responds to all guest inquiries to drive more bookings for you.

We handle everything

Our team takes care of everything for you. We screen and secure quality renters for your property, take payment and security deposits, check the tenants personally, handle all their issues during their entire stay. We pay all the taxes on your behalf. When your guest checks out we do all the inspection, clean your property to be hospitality ready for your next guests.

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