A Look at Arizona from a Visitors Point of view

I just spent time in Arizona. It has to be the most diverse state in the country. It has elevations below sea level, and as high as 12,640 feet. They say you can snow ski and water ski in the same day, but I’ll leave that to the Canadians.
Arizona does have North America’s southern most ski resort, as well as 2 other down hill ski resorts. I however was there on business so my time was spent mostly indoors except of course after hours when I enjoyed all the night life Arizona has to offer.
It is amazing how much there is to do in so many different scopes of interest. I can go to upscale nightclubs one night and a redneck honkytonk the next, or I can go to a couple places where at any given time I might walk past a BMW and a horse or Harley to get inside and see the whole group partying like family.
I have enjoyed all the professional sports in Arizona, including the Phoenix Open. I have also golfed at several of the golf resorts, of which I understand there are over 400 in the state. When I go to Arizona, I stay for a week at a time and sometimes longer. I prefer to rent a house where I can enjoy a more private lifestyle with my family and friends.
Ever since I discovered the Arizona Lodging Experts it has been as easy as a phone call to get what I need. They represent a bunch of properties that vary as much as Arizona itself. I used to book in the downtown area, but now I prefer to try different locations around the metropolitan area. There are 17 different cities that make up the Phoenix Metropolitan area, and Arizona Lodging Experts have homes in most of them. Many Scottsdale Property Management Companies just don’t have the selection in as many areas.