Arcadia Farms

The Arcadia Farms restaurant is nestled into the downtown area of Scottsdale and features a very French provincial feel. The owners name is Carolyn and not only does she have a flair in the kitchen but she has a real eye for detail as well. The interior has a design of an old French country theme done up with seating made out of wrought iron, chinz china and colorful pots and crocks.

Arcadia Farms is a great place for lunch from Monday – Saturday. On Sundays they feature a wonderful brunch with an additional menu if your appetite is on the lighter side. The additional menu features many different sandwiches and tasty salads as well as a complimentary pastry or bread selection. The menu is offered at 11am.

The springtime is a wonderful time to visit Arcadia Farms and have either a mimosa or also a kir royale to sip on while you look over the menu. The drinks with champagne are $6 each. They have a handful of sandwiches offered on the menu like a favorite is the herb roasted chicken n on top of a freshly made baguette roll which has been smothered with goat cheese, artichokes and pesto. The price of this selection is $12. You only have the choice of a couple sides but whichever you choose you will surely be pleased. You have a choice between the raspberry vinaigrette drizzled field greens or potato salad made with red potatoes. Some other favorite sandwiches are the ham with mozzarella and onion chutney atop of a fresh baked baguette for $11 or the Tuna salad sandwich which has been made with scallions, jicama, and pecans and smothered on sunflower wheat bread which is also $11, or if you prefer salad as your entree you cannot go wrong with the strawberry chicken salad for $13, the chicken cobb for $13 or the grilled vegetable salad for $13 as well. If you do not want meat in your meal you would be wise to choose the vegetarian tart that is made with goat cheese, mushrooms, and spinach and is served warm for $13.

In addition to the downtown Scottsdale location, (if you happen to be out looking for property management in Scottsdale, Az.) there is also a location in the Desert Botanical Gardens, The Phoenix Art Museum, and also The Heard Museum. All of these locations offer similar menus and pricing. The company also owns a bakery in downtown Phoenix called City Bakery where you can purchase many delicious homemade pastries, and a couple sandwiches decorate their menu. This is a great stop while on the art walk or during your museum tours.

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Arcadia Farms Cafe

7015 E. First Ave., Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (480) 941-5665

Arcadia Farms @ Desert Botanical Garden

1201 N. Galvin Parkway., Phoenix, AZ 85008 (480) 481-8106

Arcadia Farms @ Phoenix Art Museum

1625 E. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85004 (602) 257-2191

Arcadia Farms @The Heard Museum

2301 N Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85004 (602) 251-0204

City Bakery at The Bentley Projects

215 E. Grant St., Phoenix, AZ 85004 (602) 253- 7200