Artisan Organic Soaps From Squeaky Green Sudz


Squeaky Green Sudz

A few months ago I switched from using my usual mass produced body soap that we all get from our local grocery store and started using some real good Organic Soaps from a local company called Squeaky Green Sudz. I can tell you that I noticed a real difference almost immediately. My skin always feels better moisturized and softer when using a good organic soap. Now that I look back at it, whenever I would use the major “brand name” soaps, my skin would always feel dry and leathery afterwards. Especially the Arizona water. We are known for having hard water which leaves your skin feeling dry. The fact that Squeaky Clean Sudz soaps have such wonderful scents doesn’t hurt either. My favorites are the Bay Rum and the Honey Almond soaps. You can check out the large assortment of soaps available on the shop section of their web page.  They also sell gift baskets. Pretty cool! Enjoy yet another Phoenix Property Manager local secret.