Bike Riding

My favorite pastime is riding my bicycle outside in the Arizona sunshine. There are miles and miles of bike paths in Scottsdale from McCormick Ranch all the way to Tempe Town Lake. I feel like I am on a Scottsdale Arizona vacation even though I have lived here for many years. The paths take you along golf courses, parks and lakes. You don’t have to worry about cars or traffic because most of the paths are not on a street. There are people biking, jogging, walking, feeding the ducks, and just enjoying their day.  It is a lot of fun to stop at the dog park near Chaparral Park and watch all the people and their dogs.  There are tunnels that go under the busy streets and intersections. You ride by a lot of Arizona home rentals and condo vacation rentals in Scottsdale. It is so much fun to see all the people enjoying their Scottsdale Arizona vacations. It is so incredible to see the happy faces of the bike riders that you pass on the path. It reminds me of the fun you had as a kid riding your bike at the park. It makes you really appreciate the fantastic weather and beautiful scenery that we enjoy here in Scottsdale.