Body Worlds Exhibit

The Body Worlds exhibit is back againĀ at the Arizona Science Center. I saw the exhibit last year and it was fascinating, educating, and simply spectacular. This year they are adding information about the human brain in addition to how the body works. They use real human bodies that people have donated after their death. The bodies have been preserved through a remarkable process called Plastination. You actually view bodies in various motions and positions. You can see everything that is beneath the skin. The aim of the show is to educate the public on what diseases and bad health practices can do to the interior of your body. It is interesting and educational for all ages and certainly a unique experience.

It is a great activity if you are on an Arizona Vacation and have never been to the Arizona Science center. If you are renting a home in Scottsdale it is about a 20-30 minute drive to the downtown area and certainly worth the trip. It’s not too far of a drive from our Phoenix Vacation Home Rentals either. You can contact them for pricing and times at