Pavilions Classic Car Show in Scottsdale Arizona


Every Saturday The Pavilions in Scottsdale Arizona host a free car show. Over the years the show has really grown in size. I remember back when it was one row of muscle cars and a few imports scattered here and there. Now the place is packed with cars. The idea has really caught on and today I was able to check out hundreds of cherry muscle cars, rat rods, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and even this  2 million dollar Bugatti bugatti v16 side profilesporting a V16, quad turbo engine capable of producing speeds up to 253mph and a stop to 60 mph time frame of less then 2.5 seconds.

Even though these imported sports cars a blast to drive I find myself drawn to the classic muscle cars of the 60’s. I saw this sweet Oldsmobile 442, oldsmobile 442 side and a few cherry 68 Camaro’s and my all time favorite car of all time hands down, The 65 GTO! I was fortunate enough to find two of them today! Both 65 Goats were excellent examples of the car. The first was a pearl white hard top and it was beautiful. The one that stole my heart though was the all black convertible. (you can see it in the video footage at the bottom of the page) I would love to take a road trip across the country in the 65 GTO.

hot rod with flames

Well at least this time I had remembered to bring along the trusty Nikon D70s and a Sony video camera. I’m no professional photographer and I would hardly even call myself an amateur so take it easy on the criticism ok!

Follow this next link to watch a slideshow of some nice cars.

Pavilions Car Show Flash Photo Presentation

Or if you want some high resolution photos you can preview and download them here.

Pavilions Car Show 1280×800 photos

I also took this video footage that I compiled together. In it you will see the dragster on display, a nice Cobra, the awesome black GTO convertible, The Bugatti, two Lamborghini’s and a ton more cool cars.

By February 2011 the Diamondback’s and the Rockies will have a spring training facility right next to the Pavilions. The car show is really going to take off then.

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