Discover Desert Splash Adventures In Scottsdale

Discover Desert Splash Adventures In Scottsdale

With so much to see and do in Scottsdale Arizona it is not surprising that there is a unique aviation attraction well worth experiencing while visiting the area. Desert Splash Adventures is located north of the main terminal of the Scottsdale Airport. The facility features an executive lounge that allows those waiting for a flight to relax in comfort. Desert Splash Adventures is unique in many ways including the fact that the flights enable passengers to see some of Arizona’s most beautiful and dramatic landscapes.

Breathtaking Views From Unobstructed Windows

Flights take passengers over Lake Powell, Roosevelt Lake and many other unique and inspiring landmarks. Desert Splash Adventures features experienced and knowledgeable Alaska bush pilots with thousands of hours of logged flying time. Each flight is conducted in a safe and professional way, while each passenger has breathtaking views from unobstructed windows. Taking photographs is highly recommended and encouraged. This is a truly exclusive and unique desert adventure that has few rivals.

Rock Formations Found In The Sonoran Wilderness

Desert Splash Adventures takes advantage of the versatile, reliable and dependable Cessna Caravan amphibious seaplane. This aircraft is known for its impeccable safety record and ability to operate under a wide range of conditions. From the Apache Air Trail tour to soaring over Roosevelt Lake, this is an experience that must be enjoyed by all who visit Scottsdale Arizona. Other unique tours include a private island gourmet brunch to a variety of flights that focus on rock formations found in the Sonoran wilderness. Desert Splash Adventures even offers private event flights and custom tailored flights for those looking for a special out of the ordinary experience.

The Aircraft Is Unique

Perhaps most impressive of all is the fact that the Cessna Caravan that is operated by Desert Splash Adventures is a one-of-a-kind amphibious type aircraft that was designed and built specifically for Desert Splash Adventures. The aircraft is unique because it is indeed able to land in both water and on land. The aircraft also has an upgraded engine that provides for added horsepower so that Desert Splash Adventures is able to carry up to nine passengers in a comfortable and safe configuration. Those visiting Scottsdale in search of a unique and memorable experience need look no further than Desert Splash Adventures. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today for furnished vacation rentals in Scottsdale.