Discover The Desert Classic All-Arabian Horse Show In Scottsdale

Discover The Desert Classic All-Arabian Horse Show In Scottsdale

Scottsdale Arizona has many beautiful and amazing events that occur each year. One in particular that stands-out as a genuine joy for those that love horses is known as the Desert Classic All-Arabian Horse Show. Regarded as one of the oldest known breeds of riding horses, the Arabian horse has its early beginnings in the deserts of the Middle East. These horses were actually originally bred as a war horse and that is perhaps why the animal is known for such an incredible level of endurance and stamina.

Everything From Racing To Endurance And Western Riding

The Arabian horse is also known for its agility, intelligence and quickness. Having originated in demanding climates, the Arabian horse has developed many excellent attributes that are still highly regarded today. This type of horse can be used in a variety of disciplines that includes everything from racing to endurance and Western riding as well as English riding. Visitors to this unique annual horse show in Scottsdale Arizona can enjoy the comfort of a climate controlled viewing area as they watch a wide variety of riding styles.

Horses Negotiate Obstacle Courses

Best of all, those that choose to partake in the Desert Classic All Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale Arizona can also go outdoors and explore the working Western arenas. Watching these beautiful animals up close and in person is an experience that is simply beyond compare. Experience the exhilaration of watching these amazing horses negotiate obstacle courses and even participating in a variety of trail arena riding. From those new to horse shows to those with years of experience, this is a show in Scottsdale Arizona that simply must not be missed.

Incredible And Delightful Scottsdale Event

From hunter/jumper competition to dressage tests and many other unique activities, this is a special horse show in beautiful Scottsdale that has drawn people from across the state and around the world for many years. Horses are judged on a wide variety of variables and are awarded based on their ability and overall appearance. With free parking and a wide variety of food options available to those visiting the show, there is more reason than ever before to experience this incredible and delightful Scottsdale event. It is an event that happens each and every year in December. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts for Scottsdale furnished vacation rental properties today.