Discover The Western Flair Of Tombstone Arizona

Discover The Western Flair Of Tombstone Arizona

Those visiting Tucson for the first time as well as those returning should always make tombstone Arizona a part of the overall Arizona experience. What is perhaps most unique of all about Tombstone Arizona is that it is an active city with residents and many establishments. Visitors to Tombstone will experience walking on the same streets in the city as Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. Few other experiences in the desert Southwest can compare to visiting Tombstone.

A Wide Variety Of Working Ranches

This unique and special little town just outside Tucson features reenactments of gunfights and a host of other fun and enjoyable attractions. From shooting galleries to visiting a wide variety of working ranches, visitors to the area can spend days exploring all that Tucson and Tombstone have to offer. There are mining tours as well as excellent restaurants and places to stop in for an old-time photo. Other unique activities include ghost town tours as well as visiting the Okay Corral and rides on stagecoaches.

The Trolley Tours Are Especially Fun

With so much to offer it is hard to imagine not taking a short drive out to Tombstone while visiting Tucson Arizona. There is a number of Tombstone walking tours that allow for more intimate encounters with the history of the area. The tours are personalized and enlightening and typically last a few hours. Getting a genuine behind the scenes look at Tombstone can be as easy as scheduling a Tombstone walking tour. The trolley tours are especially fun and typically last just under one half hour. Other unique aspects of Tombstone include a variety of museums. From the Birdcage Theater to the Pioneer Museum and the Boot Hill Graveyard, the possibilities are endless when visiting the special part of Arizona.

Friendly Locals And Welcoming Dining Establishments

Equally impressive is the Andrea’s Museum of Victorian Fashion as well as the Rose Tree in Museum. This museum has a neat collection of authentic Arizona historical artifacts. The museum also features the world’s largest rose tree. Those in search of a genuine Western town experience need look no further than Tombstone Arizona. With friendly locals and welcoming dining establishments and shopping venues, Tombstone is an absolute must while visiting Tucson. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today to learn more about furnished vacation rental homes in Tucson Arizona.