Enjoying The Phoenix Outdoors To The Fullest

Enjoying The Phoenix Outdoors To The Fullest

Few other areas of the country can compare when it comes to the outdoor activities available in Phoenix Arizona. The area is unique in many ways and offers vacationers a special experience that keeps people coming back year after year. From those traveling across state to those traveling across the world, Arizona in general offers a custom experience that is simply beyond compare.

Hiking Some Of The Most Picturesque Hiking Trails

For example, Arizona, while a desert region, has some of the most popular boating areas in the country. With a large number of boats per capita, Arizona is a popular boating destination that simply cannot be ignored. Those that enjoy the majestic mountains of the Desert Southwest have come to enjoy hiking some of the most picturesque hiking trails in the country. From short hiking climbs to the top of Camelback Mountain to longer and more challenging climbs such as is the case with Mount Humphreys in Flagstaff, Arizona is an outdoor lovers delight.

Tubing The Salt River

When the temperature soars in the desert more people than imaginable head to the salt River to enjoy a day of tubing that is more relaxing and more enjoyable than even the most tropical of beach paradises. One of the most unique things about tubing the Salt River is that even when the temperature is in the triple digits, the Salt River stays cool and relaxing. This inviting river slowly meanders along giving vacationers a long and enjoyable tour of the beautiful desert landscape. For those that enjoy driving mountain roads, South Mountain in the southern portion of the Valley offers an excellent perspective of the entire Valley for those that wish to drive rather than hike.

The Next Family Vacation Or Corporate Excursion

From incredible golfing experiences to riding jet skis and enjoying a number of other outdoor activities, Arizona may be one of the best destinations in the country in that regard. Best of all, it is easy to enjoy this unique part of the country by simply considering a furnished vacation rental in terms of alternative accommodations. With so much to offer it is hard to imagine not choosing Arizona and all its outdoor activities for the next family vacation or corporate excursion. Contact Arizona lodging experts today for Arizona furnished vacation rentals that are a cut above.