Exploring All That The Phoenix Art Museum Has To Offer

Exploring All That The Phoenix Art Museum Has To Offer

Phoenix Arizona has many unique and inspiring attractions, events and activities for travelers and locals alike. However, nothing is perhaps more intriguing than the Phoenix Art Museum. The museum is known as a vibrant and inviting destination for the lovers of a wide array of artwork. Having been a part of the community since 1959, the Phoenix Art Museum is indeed one of the largest museums of art in the entire southwestern United States.

Independent Art Films And Live-Performances

Most importantly, the Phoenix Art Museum displays a host of incredible art from across the globe; so that the residents of Arizona as well as visitors to Arizona can enjoy all that world art makes possible. In addition, the Phoenix Art Museum routinely makes available a wide range of festivals, independent art films and live-performances. The museum also offers educational programs that are intended to stimulate, entertain and enlighten. Truly one of the most important destinations in Phoenix, the Phoenix Art Museum must be experienced at least once.

Easy Access From Scottsdale

The museum also makes available to party planners and businesses the opportunity to use specific areas of the museum for celebrations, ceremonies and events. Other unique aspects of the Phoenix Art Museum include a wide range of interactive galleries, photo exhibits and a number of other art inspired displays. The museum is centrally located in Phoenix providing for easy access from Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe and other areas of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Considered a top choice when it comes to attractions in the city of Phoenix, the Phoenix Art Museum is a popular and interesting destination.

Artists From Around The World

The museum offers a wide variety of international exhibitions and thousands of works by artists from around the world. From fashion design to contemporary art and Native American art, the possibilities are endless when choosing to visit the Phoenix Art Museum. Typical exhibits include everything from “The Sacred Stories And Images Of The Buddha” to “The Resonance Of Clay.” Other unique exhibits include the “Platinum Photography From The Center For Creative Photography” that includes a program known as “All That Glitters Is Not Gold.” With so much to offer it is hard to imagine not considering visiting this amazing art museum. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts for furnished vacation rental homes in Phoenix Arizona.