Exploring The Amazing Geography Of Arizona

Exploring The Amazing Geography Of Arizona

Few other destinations in the world compare to Arizona with its beautiful geography, topography and landscape. The area is incredibly inviting and diverse. With rivers, valleys, lakes and mountains, Arizona has everything an outdoorsmen could imagine. Northern Arizona is particularly intriguing with its many natural wonders. From the Grand Canyon to the red rocks of beautiful Sedona to other unique areas such as the Petrified Forest, Northern Arizona is special in many ways.

Considered The Four-Season Playground

Other unique features of Northern Arizona include Monument Valley and meteor crater. Even prehistoric Indian dwellings can be seen in this beautiful and historical part of Arizona. Few other areas of Arizona are more fascinating than north-central Arizona. The area is considered the four-season playground because it enjoys all the seasons. North-central Arizona has several cool pine forests as well as trails for hiking, biking and camping. There is even much to see in terms of archaeology in the area. North-central Arizona is known for revealing much evidence in terms of prior civilizations that once occupied the area.

Greater Diversity Than Other Areas

In addition, Phoenix and central Arizona has many unique geographical and archaeological advantages that visitors should not miss. Phoenix is the state capital and is one of the largest cities in the nation. Considered a major tourist destination, Phoenix has some of the best golf courses in the world and is an impressive business center for major corporations that do business in the Valley. Phoenix is comprised of both mountain peaks and low-lying desert giving it greater diversity than other areas of the country. Also impressive is the large amount of Native American artifacts, museums and ruins.

Other Areas To Explore

Finally, Tucson and Southern Arizona is a region that is well known for its Spanish influence, history and natural wonder. The area features beautiful snowcapped mountains as well as the breathtaking Sonoran Desert State Park. With caves, and other areas to explore, Tucson and the surrounding region have much to offer those wishing to visit a unique and special part of the country. As an added note, Arizona’s West Coast that stretches along the Colorado River has a variety of beaches and lakes to explore. This is an ideal playground for those that enjoy wildlife viewing, fishing, water skiing and other water sports. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today for impressive Arizona furnished vacation rentals.