Exploring Unique Events In Scottsdale On St. Patrick’s Day

Exploring Unique Events In Scottsdale On St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations happen each year across the country. However, few are perhaps as unique and enjoyable as the St. Patrick’s Day celebration at Fountain Park Amphitheater. The event takes place each year in March on St. Patrick’s Day from 10 AM to 3 PM. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy a wide range of Irish music as well as corned beef and cabbage. There is also a beer garden and other unique food and drink for all to enjoy.

Changes To Emerald Green At The Noon Hour

Conveniently located off Saguaro Boulevard in Fountain Hills, the Fountain Park Amphitheater is unique, special and inviting. Perhaps most notable of all with regard to the St. Patrick’s Day celebration that takes place each year in Fountain Park Amphitheater is the much-anticipated event where the world-famous fountain located in the park changes to emerald green at the noon hour. This is a delightful and memorable experience that can turn an average St. Patrick’s Day into a memorable and unique experience that will not soon be forgotten.

The Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Not far from the heart of Scottsdale and just a short drive to the north east, Fountain Park Amphitheater is well worth visiting during this fun and energetic time of year. Other events that occur concurrently in the park include a farmer’s market and an art exhibit known as Art on the Avenue. These additional events are conveniently located on the Avenue of the Fountains. With all these fun and interesting events occurring in Fountain Hills, it is not surprising that so many people from Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Apache Junction and the greater Phoenix metropolitan area choose to visit Fountain Park Amphitheater on a regular basis.

Knowing Where To Look

The next time St. Patrick’s Day approaches, consider visiting Fountain Park Amphitheater to experience a truly emerald green St. Patrick’s Day. Those visiting from across the state as well as from all parts of the country and even across the world have come to enjoy this unique and clever way of taking advantage of one of the most delightful holidays of the year. Exploring many of the events offered throughout Scottsdale and the surrounding communities can be as simple as knowing where to look. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today for Scottsdale furnished vacation rental homes that are always a cut above.