Get Ready For The Arizona National Livestock Show

Get Ready For The Arizona National Livestock Show

Considered to be the largest livestock show in the entire southwestern United States, The Arizona National Livestock Show is an annual Phoenix tradition that has been impressing residents and visitors to Arizona since the 1940s. This unique and hospitable event provides insight into the genuine Western way of life as it was years ago and as it is today. Having its beginnings in 1948, the show is host to exhibitors that come from over two-dozen states across the country.

Exciting Grouping Of Ranch Events

Perhaps most impressive of all is the fact that these exhibitors bring with them over 1700 head of goats, sheep, horses, cattle and other livestock. Each of these animals is entered into a competition where highest placing animals can then be purchased. Cowboys and cowgirls from across the state as well as from other states saddle up to compete in this fun and exciting grouping of ranch events. From working horse competitions to a wide variety of other unique competitions and exhibits, this is a livestock show that simply should not be missed.

American Cowboy

Along with The Arizona National Livestock Show there are concurring events that take place at the same time. This includes The Cowboy Classics Western Art And Gear Show Exhibit as well as a variety of other unique and interesting events. The Arizona National Livestock Show is an outstanding event that offers event goers the opportunity to experience, in the form of art, the unique lifestyle of the typical American cowboy. Artwork includes everything from bronze sculptures to silver work and leather as well as paintings and a wide range of other artistic mediums.

Learn More About The Western Lifestyle

Best of all, many families living locally in Arizona with historical roots in ranching and agriculture make available many unique displays for visitors. Spectators will be inspired by the wide range of interesting and meaningful art that is on display at the event. In addition, there are many other events that take place during the show that are tailored to the interests of children so that they may learn more about the Western lifestyle and agriculture. The Arizona National Livestock Show is easily accessible to those in Phoenix, Scottsdale and other outlying areas of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today for impressive furnished vacation properties in Scottsdale and Phoenix.