Great Day to be Outside in the Valley of the Sun

This past Saturday, March 12th, it was 87 degrees here in Phoenix Arizona, so my wife and I decided to visit Desert Ridge Mall. Desert Ridge is less than 10 minutes from our apartment, so getting there was a snap! We decided stop by the Rock Bottom Brewery and have a cold beer before making our way to Fatburger for lunch. It was so nice to sit outside on the patio and enjoy a cold Pilsner beer with my lovely wife Lolis, while watching all the people “out and about” enjoying this amazing warm weather. I imagine all the visitors from out of state that are here enjoying a great rental property in Arizona are happy with this above average weather, especially our Canadian visitors. It has been a cold winter for many people. Many visitors that come to enjoy one of many Arizona home rentals do so because of the weather, so we welcome you with open arms.

After enjoying a few cold beers at Rock Bottom, we did a little window shopping as we past each store on our way to Fatburger. We like Fatburger more than In-N-Out burger, and of course a lot more than McDonalds and Jack in the Box. No comparison. Fatburger has well cook, made to order burgers which have a great flavor and fresh ingredients. I am glad we have a Fatburger so close to home.

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Fatburger at Deset Ridge Mall

Great Burgers!