Highway Safety For Travelers And Vacationers

Highway Safety For Travelers And Vacationers

A vacation is intended to be a fun time for families or those on a business trip. With that said there are some highway safety tips worth considering that can greatly improve the overall quality of any vacation experience. For example, regardless of whether or not you are driving a rental car or your own vehicle while on vacation it is important to check a few “basics” including proper tire inflation, proper fluid levels and that the gas tank is always at least half full.

Search For Traffic Updates

Traffic can play a big role in determining how enjoyable any vacation experience ultimately becomes. Dealing with persistent and chronic traffic throughout the duration of any vacation can greatly diminish the overall experience. Use the Internet as a way to search for traffic updates and listen to radio traffic alerts for ongoing traffic congestion and other traffic problems. It is also essential to familiarize yourself with all of the local traffic rules, laws and regulations. This is important because these all tend to vary from state to state.

During Times Of Heavy Precipitation

When driving a rental car or your own vehicle and it is raining it is essential to use headlights on low beam. It is also advisable to slow down and allow a greater distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. This is largely due to the fact that braking is greatly diminished on wet highways and during times of heavy precipitation. Another great strategy with regard to driving while on vacation is to simply share the driving responsibility with others in your group. This can enhance overall levels of safety and reduce levels of fatigue in drivers.

Do A Thorough External Walk-Around And Interior Inspection

Finally, vacationers that are driving a rental vehicle or their own vehicle should carefully consider all aspects of insurance coverage. While most drivers are fully covered through their own insurance agency with regard to rental cars, this may not be the case in other situations.
Know in advance where you stand with regard to automobile insurance prior to beginning your vacation. When returning a rental car it is also always a good idea to do a thorough external walk-around and interior inspection to ensure that no damage exists. Contact Signature Vacation Rentals today for the very best in Phoenix property management and Phoenix vacation rental services.