Historic Jerome Arizona

Historic Jerome – Ghost Town Extraordinaire

Jerome Winery

If you head 90 miles north of Phoenix you will find a city called Jerome that is located 5,200 miles high and is located on top of Cleopatra Hill. Many know of Jerome as being the biggest ghost town in the United States. Jerome makes a wonderful day trip from Phoenix, and it is also a very unique and unusual escape from the rat race. This area first came about in 1876. When you get to Jerome you will have several touring options that will show you things such as a tour of the biggest copper mine, as well as the ghost town. If you take a walk through the little city you will enjoy many art galleries that have been furnished by local artisans and craftsman. The gift shops are located in original historical buildings. If you like hamburgers you should have lunch at the Haunted Hamburger where you can listen to ghost stories while enjoying a delicious burger.

The Spirit Room

If you like dessert you will be pleasantly surprised with the size of the portion you will receive. Jerome is a great family get away and also a very romantic escape for couples. While in Jerome you will not want to miss The Grand Hotel – which back in the day served as a psychiatric ward and hospital. The themed décor here is wonderful and you will have the opportunity to hear many ghost stories of the patients that used to live on the property. If you stay at the hotel you can write in a guest book about your experience at the Grand Hotel. Many of the things people write about are first- hand accounts with ghosts and paranormal experiences. You should also check out the Douglas Mansion State Park – this mansion was erected in 1916 by a man named James Douglas. The mansion was built to house and entertain the upper echelon of the mining industry and also to lure investors to Jerome.

Jerome, Historic Mining Camp Est. 1876

The biggest reason people come to Jerome is to attend the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town – this area is no joke it is a genuine mine shaft where you can view old miner equipment. The mine even has a blacksmith shop and some of the biggest gas engines in the world. Paso de Casas – A guided tour of homes and buildings within Jerome. The major tour event takes place in May on the third weekend of the month. The Mile High Inn – This used to be the residence of the most notorious Jerome bordello. Don’t forget to take pictures while you are here as there are many places you will not want to forget and several landscape shots you will not want to miss.

Before you head up north to Jerome you may want to check with the Jerome Chamber of Commerce so that you can make sure you know the prices, hours, important dates, accessibility, and any restrictions that may apply. This is the best way to ensure the safety and quality of your adventure to Jerome. Remember, it isn’t too far from Arizona Lodging Experts vacation rentals in Phoenix.