The Price of Freedom Revealed at the Museum of the Horse Soldier



The Museum of the Horse Solider is a unique, privately funded museum dedicated to the U.S. Military’s mounted service. The horse soldier was actually an innovative part of our military expansion over many years involving the Army and the Marines.

When I learned this museum existed and was located in Tucson, I had to visit. My father-in-law was actually a horse soldier. We have a picture of him jumping his horse in his uniform similar to one of the pictures on display at the museum. The experience was as much personal as informative. I don’t want to forget the contribution of my father-in-law and all the others who pay the price of freedom we enjoy today.

Although the period of the mounted horse soldier ended in the late 1940’s, the years of mounted horse soldiers date back to before the Civil War. There were several overall innovations to the US Military because of the horse soldiers such as the unified need for procurement and improved quality. A quality improvement was the requirement of the soldier to humanely care for their horse.

The museum displays include uniforms, saddles, pictures, storyboards, weapons of rifles, handguns and swords, plus accessories, pictures and artifacts. Located at the Trail Dust Town on Tanque Verde, the museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11AM to 8PM. The cost is only $3 and additional donations are appreciated.