Mystery Castle Phoenix Arizona

Mystery Castle

If you are a fan of touring unique and unusual place you would definitely be entertained with a tour of the Mystery Castle. It can be found near our Phoenix vacation home rentals. The history of this building is very enchanting. The Mystery Castle is located in the heart of the South Mountain foothills. This castle is no typical fairy tale castle but more of an odd shaped dwelling that was erected in 1927 by a man named Boyce Luther Gulley. Gulley built this entire castle out of recycled materials and this may even be the first recycled home ever built in Phoenix.  Gulley had built this eclectic structure as a gift for his daughter. The materials used to construct this building were stones, old auto parts, mineshaft rails and beat up telephone poles. The building was held together with goat’s milk, calcium and cement, which were made into a mortar.

The castle was made up of 18 rooms on 3 different levels. The daughter resided in this castle all the way until her death in November of 2010. The building never had any electricity or plumbing until the year 1992. The tour of this castle is incredible. You can tour this facility for very cheap and make quite a day out of it. This is a great excuse to pack a picnic lunch and have a picnic right at South Mountain Park Reserve. The price to view the castle is $5 for people age 8 and older. If you are under 8 years old the price of admission is free.

Mystery Castle Address:

800 E Mineral Road

Phoenix, AZ 85042

(602) 268-1581