Old West History in Arizona

Living in Arizona for over 35 years now has given me a strong desire to learn more about our old west history. I am fascinated by the items were used back in the 1800’s and 1900’s, and how many of these items have withstood the test of time and are still around today. On a day trip my wife and I took to Goldfield Ghost Town, I found a few “surviving items” from the wild, wild west, so I took some photos to take home with me.

The first photo I have is a photo of 2 old pieces of luggage.

Old Luggage

I find myself easily impressed by items such as these that have traveled the open dusty trail, exposed to the everyday elements, but still somehow managed to survive for over 200 years.

The next photo is just a old rocking chair.

Old Rocking Chair

Old Rocking Chair

If you look close, you will notice that this chair is held together by a few wires and a couple of nails. It is a simple design, made by hand – not in a warehouse, and it’s still with us to this very day. It is funny to think that this chair is three times my age and probably in better shape that I am. (haha)

The last photo I wanted to share with you shows some old saloon doors, but what caught my attention was the old Civil War Confederate Flag on the back wall.

"Gunfighters Only"

"Gunfighters Only"

It looks like it has seen better days, you know what I mean, and you just have to wonder, “How old is the flag itself and has it actually been in a War”? I wish I knew the answer, but it sure is fun to think about anyway.

Now I hope to be able to travel with my lovely wife and visit all the other great historic cities in Arizona like Tombstone, Bisbee, Jerome, Prescott and Flagstaff. Think of the history. Think of the heritage. Think of the photos we could take. Wish us luck!