Racecar Enthusiasts Gravitate To The Penske Racing Museum

Racecar Enthusiasts Gravitate To The Penske Racing Museum

Phoenix Arizona and surrounding communities such as Scottsdale have much to offer in terms of points of interest. One unique and special point-of-interest that has continued to grow in popularity in recent years is the Penske Racing Museum. The museum showcases a wide array of high performance cars as well as trophies and a variety of racing memorabilia.

A Replica Of The Original Car That Roger Penske Drove

The Penske Racing Museum is a unique destination in Phoenix that chronicles the historical progression of one of the most successful sports dynasties of all times. The Penske Racing Museum has on display more than 40 years of racing history. With over 300 major racecar wins carefully chronicled and highlighted, visitors can explore all that the sport has to offer. The museum also features more than a dozen Indianapolis 500 racecars on display. There is even a replica of the original car that Roger Penske drove during the victory in an historical race that occurred decades ago.

An Extraordinary And Remarkable Experience

In addition, the museum offers an opportunity for those wishing to enjoy a memorable corporate event or other type of private gathering. From casual to elegant, the museum is a perfect staging area for an event that is destined to be special and unique in every way. From indoor events to outdoor events that include food and beverage along with music, the possibilities are endless for those that choose to reserve the Penske Racing Museum for an extraordinary and remarkable event. Visitors may also choose to visit the boutique that offers a host of racing memorabilia.

An Experience That Must Be Enjoyed By All Who Visit Phoenix

From die cast racecars to apparel and books, the museum has much to offer when it comes to unique racing inspired memorabilia. There is even a café for those wishing to enjoy everything from breakfast to lunch while visiting this popular Phoenix point of interest. From seeing impressive winning trophies to getting up close and personal with powerful and thrilling racecars, the Penske Racing Museum is an experience that must be enjoyed by all who visit Phoenix. The museum is easily accessible from all points around Phoenix and has only continued to grow in popularity in recent years. Contact Signature Vacation Rentals today for inviting and comfortable furnished vacation rental homes in Phoenix Arizona.