Saguaro Lake Ranch Trail Rides

Saguaro Lake Ranch Trail Rides

If you would like to go horseback riding you will not need to drive for hours to reach your desire. Saguaro Lake Ranch Trail Rides is just about an hour or so away of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Saguaro Lake Ranch is located just a little bit past the Tonto National Forest.

When you go horse-back riding at Saguaro Lake Ranch you will be happy to know that the team pairs you with a horse that will match your build and experience level. You have your option of taking a 90 minute ride or you can go for several hours just depends what you are up for. The terrain you choose can vary from very calm and gentle to very deep desert experiences if you have more experience on a horse.

You can really see and educate yourself about the beauty here in Arizona while horseback riding. Horseback riding allows you to stay away from the noise, pollution, and the busyness of city life. The guides for Saguaro Lake ranch are very familiar with the area and know the best places to take you depending in the time of the year.

Some of the available trails are “Horse Thief Wash,” or “Skyline Trail.” These are wonderful rides and provide for a real sense of serenity. You will definitely want to bring your camera as you are about to embark on to some of the most beautiful areas in Arizona. You can choose to take a ride in the early morning hours or in the afternoon, it’s all up to your preference. All the rides start out at Saguaro Lake Ranch which was started in the 1930’s and over the last 80 years they have built quite a respectable reputation on excellence and value.

Already here looking for a company that does property management in Phoenix, Az.? If you are ready to take a horseback ride and have a real southwest experience then you are only about an hour away from the downtown Phoenix area. You should know that there are weight and age restrictions. Some of the rides require advanced reservations especially if you are bringing a large group or school. Be sure to call ahead before you make the drive up to Saguaro Lake Ranch to make sure they can accommodate your needs and provide for the most pleasant experience possible. If you decide that you have found your new love in horseback riding you will be happy to know that they offer guest quarters where you can stay the night or even a weekend and experience ranch life first hand.


90 min ride – $45

2 hour ride  – $55

2-1/2 hours ride – $70

4 hour ride – $120

**They also offer customized rates, and group package discounts but you will need to call in advance to make arrangements.


Saguaro Lake Ranch

13020 Bush Highway

Mesa, AZ 85215