Smart Safety Tips For Travelers

Smart Safety Tips For Travelers

Both men and women alike should consider several effective safety tips as a way to be more secure while traveling. For example, hotel choice is perhaps one of the most important elements of overall safety and security while on vacation or traveling. Possibly the most essential element of safe hotel selection is in choosing a property that offers interior room entrances. In fact, airlines typically only use hotels of this type when putting up airline crews.

Calling Security When Anything Looks Suspicious

Other safety advantages that can be requested in hotel rooms include asking for a room with a door that has a peephole. Another important consideration with regard to doors in hotel rooms is to request a room that does not have connecting doors to an adjoining room. Hotel guests should always avoid giving out a room number and should be conscious of those that may be congregating around their hotel room door. Calling security when anything looks suspicious is always a good way to stay proactive and to prevent safety from becoming degraded.

In Lieu Of Valet Services

As with hotel rooms good parking strategies can also go far in making travelers safe and more secure. One of the most obvious ways to stay safe when parking a vehicle while on vacation is to simply take full advantage of valet services. In lieu of valet services it is important to try to park, when possible in well lit areas. Park as close as possible to the hotel entrancend when traveling alone always consider asking hotel staff to escort you to your car as a way to feel more secure.

Call The Front Desk And Confirm

Room safety can be greatly enhanced by taking full advantage of the “do not disturb” sign that can discourage others from entering your room while you are not occupying the room. It is also vital to ensure that hotel windows and doors are always locked and the deadbolts are used when in the room. Also refrain from allowing hotel employees to enter your room unless you have specifically requested that they do so. When someone knocks at the door claiming to be a hotel employee, the best advice is to call the front desk and confirm that this is indeed the case. Contact Signature Vacation Rentals today for Phoenix short-term rentals, corporate rentals and vacation rentals.