Sunset at the Grand Canyon

Sunset at the Grand Canyon

You really cannot see a bad sunset; however you owe it to yourself to see the sunset from the Grand Canyon at least one time in your life, as it is absolutely magnificent! There is no comparison to a sunset seen from the Grand Canyon. You will have to see it for yourself with your own eyes, as it is one of the world’s Seven Wonders. This beautiful canyon has inspired many artists to create works based on this experience here.

When you come to the Grand Canyon you will be able to see just how the sunset morphs into different shapes as it lingers by the massive buttes as they stretch in many different directions. When the sun changes its position the sky turns into a palette of so many different colors even Crayola could not keep up. The sunset creates many unique and unusual shadows over the buttes and canyons. If you happen to be at the Grand Canyon during a storm season you will be able to see how the clouds turn into mirrors to the sky flooded with sunlight and you will be able to view prism like rainbows in 3D and you will not need 3D glasses for this. Before or after the sunset you can walk on the many paved walking trails and get up close and personal with the canyon. While you are walking you will see the light from the sky dances and creates quite a show of light and shadows.

If you choose to visit the Grand Canyon it would be best if you arrive a couple hours before sunset. You should bring plenty of water and snacks with you. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Hiking boots are strongly recommended. You should wear warm clothing even in the summer months because the canyon temperature drops very low even when the temps in Phoenix are in excess of 100 degrees. It would be smart to bring a flashlight because if you are there to watch the sunset the trail will be dark when you return to your vehicle.

If you wish to go you will need to purchase a $25 permit for your vehicle, and if you choose to enter on foot, motorcycle, or bike the charge is $12 per person. If you have children age 15 and younger the price of their admission is free.

Location Address:

Hwy 64 North

Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

(928) 638-7888


You can visit the South Rim Area 24 hrs. a day every day of the year

You can visit the North Rim Area 24 hrs. a day between the months of May-October.

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