The Heard Museum

The history of the Southwest is available at the unique and fun Heard Museum.  The doors opened in 1929 when Maie and Dwight Heard’s dream came true.  Their collection was put on display to the public.  It is estimated that over 40,000 original items are currently on display.  The Heard Museum is internationally known for its collections of The American Indian Culture.  The Museum offers something for everyone.  Some of the Valley’s finest catered events are hosted at the museum.  These events are drenched in the history and ambiance of the Southwest. These range from large or small events, corporate presentations, award ceremonies, family reunions, weddings, whatever the event, the Heard Museum can accommodate it.

The main museum is in downtown phoenix and has 10 individual galleries.

Native People of the Southwest –  Signature Exhibit and ongoing

This exhibit includes Hopi Kachina dolls from both the Senator Barry Goldwater and Fred Harvey Company collections.  There is a video presentation, media room and on site artists demonstrating their abilities and exquisite and unique talent.

3/12/2011 through 5/13/2012 Attitudes of Prayer: Retha Walden Gambaro – An amazing sculptor who started her incredible career at age 52.  She is well known all along the East Coast.  This is her first exhibit in the Southwest.

4/2/2011 through 9/3/2012 The Art of Ceremony: American Indian Paintings of the 20th Century.   Ceremonies are central to the lives of the American Indian and so well depicted in these vivid paintings.   There is a narrative by Dr. Ann Marshall educating us on the history of ceremonies.

4/2/2011 through 2/12/2012 Something Old, Something New: Nothing Borrowed: New additions acquired  by or donated to the Heard Museum.

7/11/2011 through 3/4/2012 More than Child’s Play – American Indian Dolls: Everyone loves dolls and these tell the amazing story of the Southwest American Indians.  Take your time and enjoy this journey back in time.

On going displays include:

Remembering our Indian School Days: The Boarding School Experience.  Did you know there was a time when  American Indians were required by the federal government to attend boarding schools?  These schools were hundreds of miles away from their homes, families and friends.

We Are!  Arizona’s First People:  Did you know Arizona has 21 federally recognized tribal communities?  All 21 are acknowledged throughout this exhibit and there is an audio presentation recorded by each of the 21 communities explaining their customs, histories and cultures.  There are hands on activities for the little ones to enjoy and participate in different cultures.

Every Picture Tells a Story:  This is an interactive exhibit.  You can participate in making your own hand crafted item or listen and enjoy the exhibit and rich history as discussed by different artists.

Around the World: the Heard Museum Collection:  These are exhibits from around the world including North and South America, and Africa.

History and Collections of the Heard Museum

Arizona is so fortunate to have such an amazing center to display, memorialize and remember the history of the American Indian Culture with all of its beauty, art and wonderful handcrafts.