The Musical Instrument Museum

The MIM (Musical Instrument Museum)

If you are staying in a rental from a Phoenix property management company, this wonderful place is not far away. The MIM is located in the Northern Phoenix area on the corner of Tatum Blvd and Mayo Blvd. The MIM is a couple blocks to the south of the AZ Loop 101 freeway.

Address: 4725 E. Mayo Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85050

Phone: (480) 478-6000

The MIM’s Hours of Operation

Mon-Wed from 9am-5pm

Thurs – Fri from 9am-9pm

Sat – 9am-5pm

Sun – 10am-5pm


Adults ages 18-64 – $15.00

Senior Citizens age 65+ – $13.00

Kids ages 6-17 – $10.00

Kids under 6 – Free

The Vision of the MIM

Music is shared by people of all ages and backgrounds and can give a level of comfort to your life. Music brings people together and is used to celebrate many of the wonderful things in life. Music is something that all people in some way, shape, or form have in common.

The MIM stands for a celebration of all these moments and experiences we share. Music is a gift created by humans and way to celebrate our diverse cultures. People are invited from all cultures and nations to come to celebrate and share this common love of music. The MIM shares the diversity and beauty provided by musical instruments that have originated from all over the world. The MIM tells the tale of each instrument and the sounds they provide tell a story all of their own.

The Mission of the MIM

The MIM has exhibitions for the young and the old. The MIM gives each music lover the chance to experience the museum in their own way. Within the MIM you will find a very diverse selection of music and the instruments used to create it.

The MIM prides itself on displaying and showing artifacts of musical instruments from all the countries in the world. This is the only place you will really be able to capture the gift of music for generations to come. The displays and exhibitions are told by very high technology systems allowing video and audio so that you can see and hear the sounds like they are to be experienced in each of their individual cultures.

The MIM even has live performers from around the globe. This gives the visitor the opportunity to hear the music as it was intended to sound with the awesome acoustics, and super comfy atmosphere. Come hear the music of the world at the MIM.