Tips For Visiting Arizona’s Tribal Lands

Tips For Visiting Arizona’s Tribal Lands In A Smart And Sensible Way

Arizona has a variety of Native American reservations that operate under specific governmental structure. Most importantly, these reservations have their own rules that visitors must be aware of and must abide by at all times. Interestingly, each reservation is unique and may have different rules making it important to know which rules apply in which case. Observing all applicable tribal laws and the associated regulations is important for travelers and visitors to Arizona.

Always Be Cautious And Aware

A tribal reservation is the home of those that live there and should be respected at all times. Travelers should use extreme caution when operating a motor vehicle at night in a tribal land. This is simply due to the fact that the area is often home to a wide variety of horses, goats, cattle, sheep and other animals. Many reservations are considered open range where animals move freely and may cross a road at any time unexpectedly. Travelers and visitors to Arizona that venture onto tribal land should always be cautious and aware in this regard.

Tribal Structures May Be Several Hundred Years Old

Those visiting tribal lands should also be respectful and never climb on structures or buildings. Some of these tribal structures may be several hundred years old and can be easily damaged. In addition, rocks, plants and other types of artifacts should never be tampered with or disturbed. Many laws are in place that makes it illegal to remove items like these from a reservation. Taking photographs is another major concern when visiting tribal lands. In fact, in some instances a permit may be required to take photos or shoot video.

Getting Approval And Authorization

The best approach with regard to staying safe when visiting tribal land is to always contact the governing authority of a reservation to inquire about specific policies. Getting approval and authorization prior to taking photographs is essential to ensuring that no rules are violated when visiting these lands. Finally, when encountering sacred ceremonies or dances it is important to treat these events with the same respect and reverence that would be afforded any other type of religious activity. Using common sense is often one of the best ways to avoid difficulties when visiting tribal lands. Contact Signature Vacation Rentals today for Tucson furnished vacation villas, condos and private residential homes.