Tour Beautiful And Amazing Taliesin West Today

Tour Beautiful And Amazing Taliesin West Today

Taliesin West is a delightful and unique part of Arizona that must be experienced by all who visit the area. This intriguing national historic landmark that was built over a span of time ranging from 1937 all the way to 1969 offers public tours to those wishing to learn more about Frank Lloyd Wright and his amazing architectural wonders. Frank Lloyd Wright began the long process of creating a genuine desert masterpiece in the early 1930s.

A Captivating Part Of The Sonoran Desert

As a matter of fact Taliesin West is the personal winter home and art studio of this respected name in architectural design and structural art. The area is even designated as an architectural campus and has provided inspiration for countless architects and artists over the years. Situated in a captivating part of the Sonoran Desert at the base of the foothills of the McDowell Mountains, this is a must-see for those visiting the area. While staying in Scottsdale it is easy to find Taliesin West as it is conveniently located in the northeastern part of Scottsdale.

Visiting An Inviting Garden Room

Numerous guided public tours are available to visitors wishing to learn more about Frank Lloyd Wright and his brilliant design of numerous indoor and outdoor spaces. Actually being able to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s living quarters and beautiful Taliesin West is an experience that will not soon be forgotten. Visiting an inviting garden room is just one example of the many experiences that will be enjoyed on one of these popular tours. In addition to a variety of public tours there are also events that occur on an annual basis that should be experienced as well.

Corporate Receptions And Dinners

For example, there are occasional artist lectures that draw art enthusiasts from across the country each year. Occasional musical festivals and other events are routinely made available through the Frank Lloyd Wright foundation. Taliesin West also offers a variety of architectural and art classes through the school of architecture. As an added note, Taliesin West can even be rented for private gatherings and events. From corporate receptions and dinners to weddings and other types of events, the possibilities are endless for those wishing to reserve this visually appealing space. Contact Signature Vacation Rentals today to learn more about Scottsdale furnished vacation rental homes that are always a cut above.