Trail Dust Town Offers Much To Tucson Visitors

Trail Dust Town Offers Much To Tucson Visitors

Tucson is a unique and invigorating part of Arizona that is attracting more and more visitors each year. From those traveling across the state to those traveling from around the world, Tucson is a top pick when it comes to a unique vacation destination. The area has many points of interest and activities that will keep families and every other visitor imaginable busy for weeks.

The Fun Continues After Dinner

One point of interest in particular is Trail Dust Town. This is a fun and exciting part of Tucson that includes everything from Pinnacle Peak’s very own world famous Cowboy Steak House. From Mesquite grilled chicken to Mesquite grilled steak, ribs and fish, the Western atmosphere is authentic and genuine. Those wishing to experience Tucson as it once was years ago should plan to visit Trail Dust Town and Pinnacle Peak. The fun continues after dinner with a visit to the Silver Dollar saloon to enjoy an outstanding cocktail or beer.

A Genuine Antique Carousel

Another important aspect of all that Trail Dust Town has to offer is a wide variety of amusement attractions for children. From gold panning to a traditional shooting gallery, there are many games and activities that will keep families and their children busy all day long. The amusement park is another aspect of the experience made available when visiting Trail Dust Town. Children can take a ride on a genuine antique carousel or experience the thrill of riding in a covered wagon. Another important landmark worth visiting is the Museum of the Horse Soldier.

Comedy Stunts That Are Intended To Entertain From Start To Finish

This museum preserves US military history when it comes to mounted servicemen and women. As an added bonus, visitors can enjoy a variety of stunt shows not found any place else in the world. Action-packed shows that feature a variety of stunts are entertaining for families and individuals. Witness falls, explosions and a variety of comedy stunts that are intended to entertain from start to finish. The stunt shows offered up at Trail Dust Town have been performed for nearly two decades. With so much to offer it is difficult to imagine not considering Tucson as a prime vacation destination. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today to learn more about furnished vacation accommodations in Tucson Arizona.