Tucson. Do More Good. No Ice Bucket Needed.

If you haven’t heard about the ALS Ice Bucket challenge I think it may be safe to say you are out of the loop. The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS has gone viral on Facebook and other social media platforms as a way to raise money for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease; after the famous baseball player. The premise of this challenge is to donate a dollar amount to the ASL Association OR dump a freezing-cold bucket of ice water over your head.

ASL is a degenerative disease that affects the nervous system and your muscles. It is basically a disease that causes neurons in the brain to misfire and slowly die off, leaving the patient with little to no control of their musculature, and it is terminal.  Most people have chosen to take the challenge and donate to the ALS Association. The attention of this campaign has brought an unprecedented amount of donations and awareness to both the disease itself and the charitable organizations aiming to help fight it.


Tucson has seen it’s fair share of participants in the challenge and as I watched several friends and business acquaintances endure the freezing water and pass the challenge along, it had me thinking about Tucson’s community in general and how I am often touched by the amount of response our citizens give to worthy causes.

One such example actually came about this weekend, when I attended a special event for InJoy Thrift shop. A Brand new shop opening in Tucson.


The special event aimed to promote awareness in Tucson about the new treasure hunting opportunities and the excellent LOCAL non-profit the store supports.

One of the reasons I chose to write about this particular event is because not only was it fun, but it also brought me a great deal of joy to see Tucsonan’s coming out in large numbers to ‘do more good’ in our community. Endeavors like this help to bring a community together and strengthen the quality of life and social bonds our residents have with each other. When visiting someplace it may not be the first thing one thinks of when deciding where to travel, but knowing you are coming to a destination who’s hosting denizen’s care a great deal about their city, and knowing how the people in town work together to make positive changes, can be a fair indicator of how you will be treated as a guest.

Knowing that when you visit Tucson you are going to meet friendly people with big hearts is definitely a plus!

The event was held this past Saturday and took place at InJoy Thrift shop located at 250 N. Pantano Rd. Tucson, AZ  85710. The local Radio Station K-Love performed a live remote broadcast during the celebration and provided plenty of music and games, as well as contests and prizes. The event also featured one of Tucson’s local High School Choirs and various activities for kids, as well as everyone’s favorite, great food. The famous Tucson weather was out and people were really enjoying themselves.



So what was all of this excitement really about? Yes, it was about a new business opening in Tucson (and believe me, I LOVE treasure hunting, so the idea of a new 28,000 sqft, deal-finder’s paradise definitely had me excited!) but it was about more than a new shopping hot spot. It was about the fact that InJoy represents a great way for us to have fun while Helping Tucson, and Tucson families. InJoy Thrift is a non profit that benefits Sheepfold of Southern Arizona, and specifically the Tucson chapter. Sheepfold’s mission is to provide safe housing and re-establishment assistance to women and their children who are struggling, have been the victim of domestic violence, or need a welcoming community to help them during times of crisis. By making a tax-deductible donation of gently used items or by shopping at InJoy you are helping people who live right here in the Old Pueblo. People who may be friends, neighbors, or that employee serving you at one of our many restaurants, attractions, stores, or any other place of business. It’s about seeing our community take part in lifting up our friends and neighbors and making Tucson a wonderful place to call home or to visit.

The amount of participation in this event was great! People not only took advantage of something entertaining and enjoyable to do on a Saturday, but more than a few had plenty of donations to help get InJoy up and running and to contribute to it’s success.  It is this type of support that makes me proud to call Tucson home and never hesitate to let anyone know it is a truly welcoming community to visit, where you are sure to meet some exceptionally kind and caring folk who are involved in making Tucson the best city it can be; no Ice required!


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