Turf Soaring School Glider Rides

Glider Rides

Can you picture this; flying around without a care in the world. No busy airports. No crowded planes with crying babies, or any noise at all for that matter. This is the definition of glider flying. If you venture out to Turf Soaring School you can be a beginner or an expert and enjoy the thrilling experience of a glider ride. Even beginners will get a chance at being in control that is after you complete your lesson. You can feel what it is like for a bird soaring through the sky with the only sounds coming from your thoughts.

You will begin your adventure on a tow that is powered and then you will be released into the open sky. You have the choice of a really high altitude or one that is lower it’s all up to you. The lower rides are at 3,000 ft. and the highest glider rides launch from 5,000 ft. Any height you choose you will be surrounded with a magnificent view of New River to Lake Pleasant and some gliders choose to go over Mount Humphrey which is almost to Flagstaff. You can choose to glide just for the incredible view or you can also take aerobatic maneuvered flights where you spin in loops. This is definitely for those with very strong stomachs and a real adrenaline junky at heart.

If you are already an experienced glider you will have the opportunity to rent a sailplane, which will include towing you to the location and also retrieving you when you land. If this is your first time or you are just beginning you have the opportunity to take classes to hone your skill and also can take your chance and aerobatic glider flying. Everyone who works at Turf Soaring are very highly qualified and experienced so that you feel safe in their hands. If you would like to get your glider pilot license you must first pass a test issued by the FAA and you will need at least 20 hours of glider flight experience on top of your classroom education.

Turf Soaring School offers great gift certificates for that really hard to buy for person in your life. An experience like this is sure to be remembered for years to come. Prices start at just $100 per person.


Turf Soaring School                        

8700 West Carefree Highway

Peoria, AZ 85383

 Phone: (602) 439-3621

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Sunday 9am-5pm


Scenic rides        – $109 – $169 per person

Aerobatic Rides – $159 – $189 per person