Useful And Informative Facts About Arizona

Useful And Informative Facts About Arizona

With millions of visitors coming to beautiful Arizona each and every year to enjoy a vacation it is worth knowing a few valuable bits of information about the state. For example, the state of Arizona actually achieved statehood in 1912 and became the 48th state to join the United States. In addition, the area is host to nearly 7,000,000 full-time and part-time residents.

Saguaro Cactus

The state capital of Arizona is Phoenix. Phoenix is also one of the largest cities in the state along with Mesa, Tucson, Scottsdale and Glendale. Arizona borders a number of other states including Utah, Nevada, California, New Mexico and Colorado. With well over 100,000 mi.² of beautiful desert landscape, the area is second to none when it comes to genuine beauty. The state is known as the Grand Canyon State and has some of the most unique topography and naturally occurring plants found anywhere in the world. From the Saguaro cactus to other types of unique cactuses, trees and bushes, Arizona is special in many ways.

Silver And Gold

Other important facts regarding Arizona is that it is a manufacturing hub for many important industries in today’s modern world. This includes everything from the production of microchips to several other major manufacturing facilities located in Tucson and Phoenix. The area is also known for mining a considerable amount of silver and gold and other types of important resources. Mining has gone on for centuries throughout the state of Arizona. Even more impressive is the fact that more than half of the copper mined in the US comes exclusively from Arizona.

Diversity And Uniqueness

With millions of tourists visiting the state each and every year, the area hosts a tourism industry that affords locals tens of thousands of jobs. From the travel industry to the lodging industry and a host of other related products and services, Arizona tourism is a major factor in the economic growth of the area. Arizona’s state flower is the Saguaro cactus blossom. These useful and informative facts about Arizona can help anyone interested in learning more about the area understand the diversity and uniqueness of this important part of the country. Taking the time to visit beautiful Arizona is worth considering for even those on a limited budget. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts to learn more about choosing a beautiful Phoenix furnished vacation rental as opposed to a hotel or motel accommodation.