Visit The World’s Only Global Musical Instrument Museum In Arizona

Visit The World’s Only Global Musical Instrument Museum In Arizona

Phoenix, Scottsdale and the surrounding communities have many museums. However, one museum in particular is more unique and more special than many other museums in other cities around the country. This museum is known as the Musical Instrument Museum. With well over 6000 musical instruments that have been collected from more than 200 countries across the world on display, the museum is well worth exploring.

Memorable And Spectacular In And Of Themselves

Best of all, the museum offers the latest in audio and video technologies so that visitors can see, hear and experience instruments in a more personalized way. Being able to actually see the instruments and hear the sound that each instrument makes is rewarding. Observing them being played provides for a more interactive experience than would otherwise be possible. Many of the performances made available by the museum are memorable and spectacular in and of themselves. Visitors can actually play instruments from across the globe when visiting the museum’s experience gallery.

Loops Of Streamed Music

Most notably, there are a number of instruments on display that afford visitors the opportunity to travel back in time. Many of these instruments were owned and played by music icons such as Elvis Pressley, John Lennon and Carlos Santana. In addition, the museum affords visitors a number of wireless hotspots that provide for loops of streamed music. This adds to the overall experience by immersing guests in delightful sounds of many of the world’s most unique instruments. Guests enjoy the opportunity to wear wireless headsets as they navigate through this inspiring museum of musical instruments.

Historical And Artistic Merit

With thousands of musical instruments and musical artifacts from around the world, the Musical Instrument Museum provides visitors with an introspect into the historical and artistic merit of a wide range of the world’s most popular instruments as well as those that are obscure and rarely seen. From tribal music to folk music and ethnic music as well as virtually any other type of music, there is likely a musical instrument in the museum that has been used to create much of the world’s most revered and respected music. Visiting the Musical Instrument Museum is well worth considering by both locals and visitors. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today for guidance and assistance with your travel accommodation plans when visiting Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona.