Visit Thousands Of Butterflies In Scottsdale Arizona

Visit Thousands Of Butterflies In Scottsdale Arizona

Considered by many to be one of the premier locations in Arizona, Scottsdale has much to offer for visitors and locals alike. For example, one attraction that his only gained in popularity in recent years is Butterfly Wonderland. Considered one of the newer attractions in the area, Butterfly Wonderland is a unique and highly innovative experience that perfectly mimics an indoor rainforest environment.

Feather Light Landings On Fragrant Flowers

The Butterfly Wonderland has the distinction of being the country’s largest butterfly Pavilion. Incredible detail and hard work has resulted in a near-perfect rain forest environment where literally hundreds of butterfly species from across the planet fly unencumbered. The lush and magnificent rain forest allows butterflies to make feather light landings on fragrant flowers and plants. There are even occasions where butterflies will land on a visitor’s shoulder, hand or finger. Children particularly enjoy Butterfly Wonderland. Experiencing nature to the fullest provides for hours of entertainment for young and old alike.

The Longest Known Migration Of Insects

The Butterfly Wonderland attraction features a 3-D theater, a special honeybee extravaganza and many other inviting experiences that are second to none. Featuring a state-of-the-art theater, Butterfly Wonderland makes available a dynamic 3-D experience that portrays a stunning story and the genuinely intriguing life of butterflies. One notable aspect of the 3-D experience is that it goes into detail with regard to the story of what is considered to be the longest known migration of insects on the planet. This is the story of the monarch butterfly and is well worth attending. Literally hundreds of millions of monarch butterflies travel a route each year from Canada through the United States to Mexico.

Going From A Caterpillar To A Butterfly

This entire journey is chronicled in the Butterfly Wonderland 3-D theater. Another unique aspect of Butterfly Wonderland is that known as the emergence gallery. Visitors can see up close one of nature’s most amazing transformations. This is known as the metamorphosis that occurs when the transformation or change happens in the lifecycle of a butterfly. Going from a caterpillar to a butterfly can be seen up close and in person when visiting Butterfly Wonderland. While Scottsdale has many attractions, Butterfly Wonderland is one that is a must-see when visiting Arizona. Contact Signature Vacation Rentals today for furnished vacation rental homes in Scottsdale there always impressive and always inviting.