The settlers of what became Buckeye, Arizona moved to the area from Iowa in 1877 seeking an environment for improved health reasons. In the early 1900’s Buckeye was booming due to the completion of the Buckeye Canal bringing water to the area and the railroad coming to town. In 1935 the Chamber of Commerce created Helzapoppin Days, still celebrated by street dancing, parades, carnivals, rodeos and other community attractions. Buckeye is west of Phoenix on I-10 West and at the crossroads for 5 highways. Enjoy the flourishing and spectacular views from some of the valley’s great golf courses. If you need something more exciting, take a jump with the Desert Skydiving Centre. All of this and more are waiting for you in Buckeye. For more information about Buckeye or to book a property please contact Signature Vacation Rentals.