Carefree, Arizona, is located just north of Phoenix and is characterized as an upscale, master-planned community. The character of Carefree can be compared in many ways to its street names, such as Tranquil Trail, Easy Street, Ho-and-Hum Roads and Long Rifle, Stagecoach and Bloody Basin—which reflect both its quiet, casual air as well as its Western heritage. In fact, the motto of Carefree is “Home of Cowboys and Caviar, Where the Old West Meets the New.” Carefree offers the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert, peacefulness and tranquility, stunning mountain views, lovely year round climate, and many types of wildlife such as quail, coyotes, javelina, birds, lizards, deer, and other creatures also call Carefree home. Carefree offers one to five acre homesites, no traffic congestion, and strict zoning regulations to protect and enhance property values. Carefree is 17 miles west of Bartlett Lake, in the Tonto National Forest. You just won’t find another place quite like Carefree Arizona. For more information about booking a property in Carefree, please contact Signature Vacation Rentals.