Fountain Hills

The Town of Fountain Hills, established in 1970, is a master planned community east of Phoenix and only minutes from central Scottsdale. It’s natural beauty, settings, and surroundings are considered its most valuable assets. Prior to 1970 the area was a cattle ranch and was part of one of the largest land and cattle holdings in Arizona. Robert McCulloch purchased the land in the late 1960s and had the community designed by Charles Wood, Jr. (designer of Disneyland in southern California). Fountain Hills offers residents and visitors alike incredible views and natural desert terrain, in addition to the wide range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, boating and golf. In fact, Fountain Hills in known to have some of the more challenging and picturesque golf courses in the State of Arizona. Fountain Hills is home to one of the world’s tallest man-made fountains, the town’s centerpiece and a focal point for the community. The fountain sprays water for 15 minutes every hour at the top of the hour, and attracts thousands of visitors each year. The fountain is a concrete water lily sculpture that rests in the center of a large man-made lake. As you make your way around Fountain Hills, you will be treated to 70 pieces of publicly displayed artwork throughout its downtown and at public buildings. Art is a significant part of the heritage in Fountain Hills. Along the Avenue of the Fountains are eight fountains that began the public art collection. Throughout the town, you will find a wide range of living accommodations from small condominium complexes to large custom homes. In addition to the recreational, cultural and retirement programs are designed to meet the needs and lifestyles of active families as well as older adults. Fountain Hills’ low population density is the major reason it is such a desirable place to live. To learn more about Fountain Hills or lease a property in the area, contact Signature Vacations Rentals.