Only a few miles southeast of Phoenix, Gilbert, Arizona is an economically diverse community, with CNN ranking it one of the best places to live in 2008. The community was formed in 1902, when William “Bobby” Gilbert donated land to Arizona Eastern Railway. This act of kindness was the humble beginnings of Gilbert and started rail travel between Phoenix and Florence. Today, Gilbert is thriving, voted “the 36th best place to live in the nation” in 2010 and houses one of the longest running and privately owned theatres in America, the Hale Centre Theatre. With so many parks and community activities available in Gilbert, there is always something to do in the near-perfect weather. We recommend a day tour with Arizona Frontiers. Want to stay in the valley and enjoy nature? Head over to Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch, full of beautiful scenery, with all sorts of things to keep you entertained from bird watching to riding your bike. Gilbert has a touch of everything, is close to activities but quiet enough to enjoy. Visit us at Signature Vacation Rentals for a complete review of Gilbert or to reserve one of our vacation rental properties in the area.