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Few people realize that Tucson (too-sahn) is one of the oldest towns in the United States, having been continuously settled for over 12,000 years. Originally an Indian village, the name was derived from their statement ‘water at the foot of black mountain’ and eventually translated into the Tucson as we know it today.


The Tucson Presidio was established in 1775 with Spanish settlers arriving in 1776. Tucson became part of the United States with the Gadsden Purchase in 1854, and was at one time the capital of the Arizona Territory.


Tucson still celebrates a diverse culture of people, architecture and industry. Many people consider Tucson to be the ‘Optics Valley’ for its industrial side in electronics and missile production. Others know Tucson as the ‘astronomy center of the world.’ Tucson is also a premiere health services center and a research center. But most of us know Tucson for its rich heritage and tourism.


The rich cultural heritage is the result of a unique blend of Native American Indian, Mexican, Spanish and Anglo-American influences. This culture can be experienced in the arts, theater, history, museums and buildings.


Tucson is an excellent location for outdoor enthusiasts from biking, hiking, golf and more. Surrounded by five mountain ranges, Tucson has seven of the nine life zones all within the region. The natural beauty of the high Sonoran Desert, mountain regions and sunshine typically over 330 days a year makes Tucson a fabulous place to vacation.


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