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At Signature Vacation Rentals, we understand that hiring a property manager is a deeply personal action – It’s a commitment, not unlike other relationships in your life.

When you decide to hand over the keys to your property, how do you know you’ve made the right decision? It’s particularly difficult if you don’t live near your property.

Like any successful, long-term relationship, effective communication and care are at the heart of making that relationship really great.

When you’re establishing that relationship with someone who is caring for your property, you have options to consider.

You definitely want to get to know the people who will be stewards for your home, maintaining it, cleaning it, caring for it, protecting it, as well as caring for your vacationing guests.

If something goes wrong, you can’t just hop in your car and drive over to repair a leak and provide extra linens to a guest.

We want to help you make your decision about hiring a property manager and remove the burden of worry from your plate.

You’ll find “guides” around our website, available to answer your questions. When one pops up, please ask.


You’re Guaranteed To See What Makes The Difference

At Signature Vacation Rentals, you are guaranteed to receive total transparency in communicating activity occurring with your property so you know what’s happening as if you’re there.

You’re also guaranteed no surprise statements!

Our exclusive software system is designed so that when a work order is placed, it automatically notifies you of the work that is to be done so you are never in the dark or surprised by activity happening on your property.

In order to create that work order, the maintenance staff takes photographs of work requests, whether it is an appliance that’s not working, a broken dish, or a leaky faucet. The photographs are accompanied by detailed notes that are delivered to you, so that you feel like you’re there, seeing it with your own eyes and understanding what’s happening.


Not only do we take “before” photos for documentation, but we take photos during and after all of the work has been completed, again with detailed notes, receipts, and updates, including who was involved and why, so you know exactly what steps have been taken, the quality of the work done, and who has been handling your property.

We want you to feel like you’re actually here at your property every step of the way.

We have built in checks and balances to ensure that your property is being operated efficiently and ethically. The efficiency includes quick response times in discovering issues, reporting, and execution of repairs.

There are separate and complementary systems in place, so that each level of management is reporting within their domain of responsibility, all levels receive the documentation, and all activity is automatically sent to you.

You’ll never find something on your monthly statement that hasn’t already been sent to you – that’s our guarantee!

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