Things to do in Arizona

Scottsdale, Phoenix and other areas of Arizona have a lot to offer visitors to our lovely state. Most folks already know about our famous golf courses, world- renowned spas, celebrity chefs, and our exciting bars and nightlife. Many people already know about the local artists, architects, and celebrities that have called Arizona home for decades. And for good reason! Arizona is an amazing, diverse, and has a rugged, southwest charm unlike any other state in the union.

Arizona is also known for the rugged beauty of the Sonoran Desert. This majestic wonder surrounds us and influences every aspect of our lives from our art, our music, our food, the local communities, and our laidback lifestyles. After a desert monsoon rainstorm, the Sonoran desert blooms and springs to life. Enjoy endless blue skies with puffy white clouds. At dusk, watch the most amazing red sunsets over the Phoenix skyline. If you happen to be visiting us during the summer you may have the chance to see a rare night blooming Cereus flower that only lives in the Sonoran Desert. This amazing flower only opens its petals one time during the summer, always at night with the moon glowing down on it. A beautiful sight to see! As soon as the sun comes up, the flower closes back up forever.

There really is nothing better than watching the sun set on Pinnacle Peak Mountain while sipping a cold brew at a historic wagon depot turned cowboy bar called Greasewood flats in Scottsdale. At night the bonfires are a blazing, music is blaring, and folks all around you are dancing and having an enjoyable time.

If you’re into sports, Arizona has your ticket. The NFL Arizona Cardinals, the NBA Phoenix Suns, the MLB Arizona Diamondbacks, the WNBA Phoenix Mercury, and the NHL Coyotes also call Arizona home. The PGA, NASCAR, and Indy sports all have venues in our great state. And if you like college/university sports, we have an abundance of amateur athletics happening all year long. Come for the sports, enjoy the weather, stay with Signature Vacation Rentals!

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